Website Design

Introduction to Web Technologies
o Introduction to Web Technologies
o Careers in Web Technologies and
Job Roles
o How the Website Works?
o Client and Server Scripting
o Domains and Hosting
o Responsive Web Designing
o Types of Websites (Static and Dynamic
o Web Standards and W3C recommendations

o What is Markup Language
o Basic Structure of HTML
o Difference Between HTML and
o Head Section and Elements of Head
o Meta Tags
o Css Tags
o Script Tag
o Table Tag
o Div Tag
o Header Tags
o Paragraph, Span, Pre Tags
o Anchor Links and Named Anchors
o Image Tag
o Object Tag
o Iframe Tag
o Forms
o Form Tag
o Attributes of Form
o POST and GET Method
o Fieldset and Legend
o Text input, Text area
o Checkbox and Radio Button
o Dropdown, List and Optgroup
o File Upload and Hidden Fields
o Submit, Image, Normal, Reset Button
o Creating a Live Website Form
o HTML Validators

o Introduction to Cascading Style
o Types of CSS
o CSS Selectors
o Universal Selector
o ID Selector
o Tag Selector
o Class Selector
o Sub Selector
o Child Combinatory Selector
o Adjacent Sibling Selector
o Attribute Selector
o Group selector
o First-line and First-letter selector
o Before and After Selector
o CSS Properties
o Type Properties
o Background Properties
o Block Properties
o Box Properties
o List Properties
o Border Properties
o Positioning Propeties
o Realtime Implementation
o Converstion of Table to CSS Layout
o CSS Menu Design

Java Script
o Introduction to Client Side Scripting
o Introduction to Java Script
o Javascript Types
o Variables in JS
o Operators in JS
o Conditions Statements
o Java Script Loops
o JS Popup Boxes
o JS Events
o JS Arrays
o Working with Arrays
o JS Objects
o JS Functions
o Using Java Script in Realtime
o Validation of Forms
o Related Examples

Web Hosting
o Web Hosting Basics
o Types of Hosting Packages
o Registering domains
o Defining Name Servers
o Using Control Panel
o Creating Emails in Cpanel
o Using FTP Client
o Maintaining a Website


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